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Blessed with a cultural heritage that stretches back for centuries, Milan is home to many of the worlds leading artistic, cultural and fashion icons. With genes seemingly cherry-picked from that cultural DNA, we have Rosantique. Talented and stylish, she is also gifted with an ability to enter into her music, gift wrap it’s soul and then give it to her audience so that they might bathe in the glow of her renditions. In addiction, she reflects the typical Italian classy attention to all the details and performing in sought dresses and accessories matching with pure pin up hairstyle and makeup.

Being a jazz singer since her childhood helped her to develop a true passion for the oldies remake of music, fashion and costumes. Grown up in the country of La Dolce Vita, she is nowadays popular as the first and only female artist in the Italian Electro Swing scene. Pioneer of Electro Swing scene in Milano, producer of the best vintage parties with outstanding cabaret and burlesque performers, she has been sharing the stage with the most apreciated international Electro Swing artists and touring with Ludwig Sound in all the best european venues and festivals but her creative nature is now needing to express completely with personal production and her personal show on the stage. Meeting Chapeau Rouge in 2013 (drummer, producer and… magician!), she found the perfect formula to make her feeling sound through their live band at first, and soon with their production.

Performing at the WOMEN IN JAZZ FESTIVAL 2014 in Halle (among big artists like Noa and Brenda Boykin), FUSION FESTIVAL 2014 in Berlin and being special guest at the Italian CAMPARI BARMAN COMPETINTION 2015 representing the icon of Rétro Chic mood and VIntage Remix, she collected other important aims in her career.
She is hoster of BUONASERA SIGNORINA RADIO SHOW (the first italian radio show totally about electroswing) every saturday at midnight on Radio Nostalgia FM, since her mission is to spread the electro swing sound and the jazz culture within the italian young generations and
create fabulous contaminations between modern and vintage. Rosantique musical selection gives a taste of the best electro swing and remixed vintage tracks, going through milestones and hot new productions, always with a personal vocal touch.
EP – TO THE SWING AND BACK ‘Do you what you like.. and if what you like doesn’t exist?.. Create it!’ This is the rule that is transforming our lives and is how ‘To The Swing and Back’ was born. I have always had a great passion for jazz and swing music which I love to sing with my band. I also relish modern music, however most electronic sounds and mainstream productions don’t satisfy us! So we took a leap in to the past to take inspiration from the sounds and moods and mixed them with modern beats and grooves recreated by us – the perfect formula to produce something we like!
We make a small jump into the past to take what’s missing from today and merge it with dance, funk, electro and house. We always aim to give thanks and draw from what has come before us, the past is our root and using it we can develop and evolve further in the future.
WALK YOUR SHOES Is the story the retro chic ‘Daisy’ interpreted by today’s iconic Rosantique. She rejects the advance of a bumbling suitor (“Rude Boy”), who invites her to dance with him but he steps on her dress (he hasn’t got that savoir-faire of a galant man….). The electro swing sounds blend with a soft note of hip-hop, accompanied by trumpet and clarinet. The sound of vinyl followed by piano riffs, punching at the beginning and end of the song, blend with the accompaniment of jazz guitar, recreating the vintage swing atmosphere; while the voice with
megaphone effect and the syncopated rhythm produce a more modern, swing hop, experimental sound.
GOIN’ WILD demonstrates not only an alternative sound on the EP, but the other side of Rosantique as an artist. This is her breaking down the iconic pin-up vintage image and letting go by allowing herself free reign to unleash repressed impulses and produce an expression of herself that belongs on the dance floor. The sounds are explicitly electro-house, contaminated by the timing of typical electro swing but with a touch of international style in the vocals.
So that’s properly an hyperbole trip in the past to return to the present passing from swing to electro house of today.

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